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Winter solstice

18 days to go.

Friday, Dec. 21, 2018 at 5:23 PM will be winter solstice. As the days get longer, the queens will begin laying for spring bees. It will start in the south and move northward and increase as the days get longer and the flows begin.

Just remember, most hives that starve will do so in the last weeks before bloom. The supplies will be running low and the brood, IE: mouths to feed, will be increasing. Heft your hives often and feed as needed.

Saturday, December 21, is winter solstice for us, but it is the first day of spring for the bees. As the days get longer, the queen will ramp up egg laying to get ready for the flowers. Your hive population will double to triple before the first flower blooms, so the food will go much faster. The consumption of winter stores will increase as the number of new mouths to feed increase. Starvation will be much more of a problem as the stores decrease before the first nectar becomes available. Keep this in mind and watch your hives carefully.