The Randolph County Beekeepers Association meets on the first Tuesday of every month.
Ag. Ext. Office
1003 South Fayetteville St..
Asheboro, NC
7:00PM till ??9:00PM??
Visitors are welcome.

Queen color ID

Beginner Beekeeping Syllabus

Price: 35$

Email to Register: Keith Pritchett (

Instructor: Keith Pritchett

Week 1-Thursday, Jan 10th, 2019

         Part 1: An introduction to beekeeping

The history of Bee’s and Beekeepers.

The importance of the Honey Bee and Beekeeping.

Instructor: Mark Case

Week 1-Thursday, Jan 10th, 2019

         Part 2: An introduction to the Honey Bee

The cast and duties of the Honey Bee family.

Continuing education etc.

Instructor:  John Pledger

Week 2- Thursday, Jan 17th 2019

            Beekeeping Equipment

Reference Materials: Periodicals & Books.

Hive Parts.

Protective Clothing.

Costs of Equipment, Bees, Packages, Swarms, Splits, etc.

A demonstration on how to use tools and equipment.

Instructor: Stephen Taylor

Week 3-Thursday, Jan 24th, 2019

Part 1: Starting a Honey bee Hive

Placing the Hive

Location: water, sunlight, windbreaks.

Hazards: be clear of sidewalks, playgrounds, etc.

Sources for packages, nucs and Queens.

          Part 2: Ways to start a hive

New Queens.   Swarms

F.  Mature or existing hives.

G.  Inspecting and feeding a new hive

Instructors:  Phillip Davis & Greg Tedder

Week 5- Thursday, Jan 31th 2019


A review of all topics discussed.

A one on one Q&A with instructors, etc.

Instructor: Nancy Ruppert-North Carolina State Bee Inspector.

Week 4- Thursday, Feb 7st 2019

            Bee Diseases and Pest

How to recognize and identify common problems.

How and when to treat.

Preventive Maintenance. IPM

Week 6- Thursday, Feb 21th 2019

Fill in for in climate weather.

What’s Blooming in N.C.?

Click here for info on what blooms when in NC.


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The next club meeting of the Randolph County Beekeepers will be held on Tuesday,

March 5th, 2019, starts at 7:00 pm.

Speaker: Jennifer Keller from NCSU on queen bees.


Our permanent location changed in March to a new location: 1003 South Fayetteville Street, Asheboro, NC 27203 . 

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