The Randolph County Beekeepers Association meets on the first Tuesday of every month.
Ag. Ext. Office
1003 South Fayetteville St..
Asheboro, NC
7:00PM till ??9:00PM??
Visitors are welcome.

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JUNE 20 2015 Field Day at Triad Bee Supply

Saturday, September 8, 2018
Pollinator Field Day
Piedmont Research Station, 8350 Sherrill’s Ford Road, Salisbury, NC 28147

“Bee Pollinator Friendly”
Attend the first-ever Pollinator Field Day to learn about honeybees and native bees/pollinators, plants and habitat for pollinators, protecting pollinators from pesticides, and much more.

Audience: Farmers; Beekeepers; Soil&Water Conservation District Supervisors and Staff; Extension Agents; Urban Planners; Landscapers and Landscape Architects; Master Gardeners; Nurserymen/Greenhouse Growers.

3 hours of pesticide credits area available for N=Demo and Research, O= Ag pest plant, D=dealer, X=private.

Learn about:

  • Habitat for farms, roadsides or constructed pollinator meadows from seed;
  • Plants for pollinator habitat in commercial and residential landscape settings;
  • Native bees, butterflies and beneficial insects;
  • Honeybees and apiculture;
  • Pesticide application techniques to protect pollinators;
  • Using available technology to map honeybee and specialty crop locations; and more!

Bees, butterflies, moths, and other beneficial insects provide valuable ecosystems services for farmers through pollination. These same insects also pollinate the native plants in our rural and urban landscapes, thus helping to maintain our state’s lush green vegetation. Helping pollinators has never been more important. Spend part of your Saturday with education, research and field-based experts to see how you can make a positive impact on pollinators through your work.