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Wayne's Bees

well four out of my five hives are going into the winter with Wayne's bees. My last inspection was really promising with lots of active happy girls. The brood pattern couldn't get much better and honey stores are looking good. I am not planning on treating the four Wayne's hives per Wally's request. I will however be treating the other one. Mite counts looked  really good in my sugar roll test only three mites found between three of the Wayne's hives, one however did have a high mite count (11).  I will be doing another count in October to see if anything changes. Didn't have many issues with Beetles through the summer other than seeing one here and there that promptly got squished:) . Didn't get any honey this year but I didn't expect to with it being my first year. But I can say I have gained a wealth of knowledge and best of all made some friends along the way. My main goal this year was getting them through the winter and learning as much as I could. So I give a shout out to everyone at Beez Needz, you guys are awsome! Wally and Mark Case really give me lots of great advise and I really appreciate you guys taking the time to answer my crazy questions. Wally you deserve a lot of thanks from the beekeeping community with all the time and effort you have put in to beekeeping. Its truly a honor knowing someone who is so willing to help and patient with new beeks. And thanks for keeping these Wayne's bees going.


We also applaud Wally for his caring and sharing nature. We have 3 Wayne  Bee hives and one Italian.  One of the Wayne hives had small population for this time of year and had to add Italians from our most populous hive.  Hope they all winter over.

We are thankful for all the support the local supplier have given to the club, the club officers for all the learning opportunities they have brought us, and for our Queen of Inspectors, Nancy Ruppert, for her guidance in our beekeeping adventures.