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Swarm traps

gonna be setting some swarm traps out in the next few days.. anyone else setting any out yet? If so I'd like to see some pics. I'll post some if I can figure out how!!!

Hi, there martym . I see this is an old thread but wanted to see if we can rejuvenate it as some might find interest again. Swarms are about to happen. I am in the process of building a few swarm traps and was interested in what have beekeepers that set traps experienced as success or failure. This is what I've come up with.


Deep body- but I believe a nuc would work just as well.  The standard equipment works well for transferring to their new hive.

Lemongrass oil or Swarm Bait

Small entrance - it's easy to plug.  The swarm came from a colony somewhere.  Most look like getting a 3lb package. Scouts consider entrance as a prioraity.

Height- all over from the ground to 20 feet but defiantly easy to retrieve. IE on a rope if it's in a tree I know bees go everywhere. Except Antarctica

Put some old comb (1 or 2 frames) or beeswax in it - bees like places bees have been before.


Anyways I've yapped enough please let's hear from those of you with experience.



I remember reading somewhere that a 40 Ltr box is the perfect size for swarm catching. Along with a frame of old drawn comb and you have the perfect trap. I do know swarm commander works well, a lot of folks use Lemmon grass oil. But my personal opinion is placement is key. A trap set within a hundred yards of existing hives 10-12 ft off the ground would be ideal in my opinion. Remember to face it between south and east where the morning sun hits the intrance,

It’s also believed that scout bees will actually enter the trap and measure it . They will actually do this inside and out . I think in this case the bees know what there looking for and will take the best option they find. Be it your trap or a hollow tree. A smaller box may catch them if they can’t find something better. Just my thoughts.

Ok, thanks. Yes, I believe the best option. So drawn comb would probably be a welcome sight too them. I know I've found old comb in a very tiny hollow of my walls before. So I'm thinking they might consider the number of the swarm as well. 40 liters sounds a lot like a Deep.  The door facing south though that works.  I was most specifically looking for natural wild swarms. I had noticed in the videos that most swarms were being caught in trees with a close proximity to the contributing hive. Why not straight to the new hive? I have approx 2 acres and 2 creeks putting me on a sort of a triangle shaped penicella. My plan is for 3 traps one in each corner. If I have enough to make a couple more I would like to take them to close by the river as bees need water and traps there might attract bees.

One other thing was what are the criteria to be on the swarm list?  I think I'd like to go on a swarm run if somebody in my area couldn't. I built more hives than I have bees for at the moment.

Iddee or Mark Case either one could ansewer that for ya. But I think that you could get on the list if you talked to Mark. I’m not really sure how they do it.

At the bottom of each page, click on "email webmaster". Mark and Micah will get the email. Give them your name and contact number and ask to be put on the swarm list.