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Today is Winter Solstice. Each day after this will have a little more daylight. It is said that this is one of nature's ways of telling the creatures spring is on the way.

The queen can resume laying anytime from then until mid Jan. For best buildup and strong hives, many keepers begin feeding both sugar water and pollen substitute shortly after Solstice. By mid Jan. at the latest, for maximum effectiveness. Just be sure they have it available constantly. Feeding, then letting them run out before spring will be worse than not feeding in the beginning, as it will cause them to have thousands of larva to feed, but no stores to feed them.

Can we feed sugar water in sub freezing temps? Just curious how it works.

Bees will take sugar water when the water and the air around the bees is 55 degrees or higher. That may work with an internal feeder with temps are in the 40's, but I doubt much lower. They will not fly when it is below about 43.