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Queenless hive??

One of my hives seem to have gone queenless. No eggs , larva or brood. A lot of bees in the hive just no sign of the queen.  I seen her 3 or 4 weeks ago on a warm day when I peeked in. I do have one capped queen cell in the hive and I didn’t see any queen cells that appeared to have emerged. I guess they could have cast a swarm but they only made one swarm cell.  Anyway I gave them a frame of eggs and larva I’ll see what happens in a week or so. Does this sound odd to anyone?  Hope I didn’t squash her on my last inspection.

I would check that frame of eggs Friday, not in a week or so. When talking queen cells, use exact days, not vague times.

Thanks wally,  there was a few capped drone cells , so I figure she was there between 21 and 24 days ago I was last in that hive on feb that was 14 days ago. So I guess it was 14 days ago not 3 or 4 weeks. So if I assume she was laying the day she disappeared there should still be capped worker brood. I failed to make notes on whether there was eggs or not. So I guess she could have been in there and just failed. This queen is the same one you and I removed from the tree last summer. Any way I’ll check it Friday if weather is permitting.

Oh by the way I know what your gonna say (never assume anything when it comes to bees)  🙂 I learn fast ????