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Queen Rearing Calendar

Queen rearing calendar/calculator-Ohio State Beekeepers Association

Queen Rearing


I have found this useful when making splits or when trying to get queen cells going.  I was using a calendar generator out of Pennsylvania, but it was locked into a specific date range and went out of date.

This generator uses Excel.  I have to allow editing once I open the link, and then I can put any date I want to use in the "grafting" date and it will generate event dates for queen development.

Nice link, Jacobs.


Here is a complete set of instructions on queen rearing. It is the best I have found.

Beginner to Beginner Queen Rearing


When I found it, I did write the author with one question. He says set the nuc up with five frames, but doesn't say which frame to remove when the graft is added. He replied quickly with, "remove a food frame". That told me two things. It answered my question, but also told me any question asked would be answered promptly. That means a lot to me.

Thanks for the posts Jacobs and iddee. I plan on trying to raise a few queens this year. This helps a lot. Iddee do you graft or just provide eggs to a queenless hive? I’d like to try grafting but idk if I have the steady hands required for the job. I guess it takes practice.

"I" don't do either. "we" graft and use the nicot system.  My fingers lost their fine tuning long ago.