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Nectar flow?

Am I the only one noticing the nectar flow slowing? It seems I have been seeing a lot of bees in the clover and they been in my wife’s humming bird feeder. Maybe it’s the rain slowing it down. So far this year I have seen a good flow of nectar coming in. What are you guys seeing?

This has been one of the harder flows for me to judge in Guilford County.  My hives that were really strong early have put up decent amounts of nectar and have capped a good number of frames.  My hives that were healthy and of decent strength early have not been putting up surpluses.  This is true with hives that are essentially side by side and it is true with hives I have in different locations.  If I put out partial frames of honey that I have uncapped (or extracted frames for bees to clean up) the bees will ignore them during a strong flow.  This entire season some bees have shown interest in these frames, but not with the enthusiasm they will show when the nectar dearth hits full force.