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Ncsba workshop

The following communication from our state association, NCSBA, may be of interest to you.  If you participate, please utilize our forum board to share your experience.  Also, members may want to announce their interest to carpool.

Chapters, please post to your members, Also they can visit the NCSBA web site for more information.

Born and Bred 2017
Presented by the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association
Your NCSBA is proud to present Born & Bred 2017 in cooperation with the NCSU Apiculture Program and the NCDA&CS Apiary Inspection Service.
WE are providing a program of advanced beekeeper education in the field of queen rearing and colony management.  Born and Bred workshops will be on queen rearing and conducted with a curriculum of such substance that participants can effectively learn how to raise queens with the information presented and a degree of diligence on their part.  Beekeepers of all levels will be able to gain an understanding of queen production that is controlled by the beekeeper and how environmental factors affect the behavior of the honey bee during queen production.

In practice, it is not necessary for every beekeeper to be able and proficient in all the steps of controlled queen rearing in order to be successful, but it is essential that the successful beekeeper understand the processes of queen rearing that occurs in nature. An understanding of how the queen rearing beekeeper manipulates the honey bee colonies in order to produce queens and manage mating colonies would enable the hobbyist beekeeper to better understand the naturally occurring queen processes, evaluate the queen status of honey bee colonies and make increases in the bee yard. And would help support a sustainable, in-state supply of honeybee queens, packages, and nucs.

The day long course will be offered in Greenville, NC on May 6 and again on May 20 in Statesville, NC.  The cost is $75.00 per participant and is limited to the first 100 at each location.  Please complete the Online registration form and pay on line or pay by check to:
Paul Newbold, MBP Committee
759 Chapanoke Rd.
Hertford, NC 27944

Each Workshop enrollment is limited .
Paul Newbold
Chairman, Master Beekeeper Committee
252-264-0245 H
252-312-4629 C

I'm interested in going.  Anyone want to carpool? Statesville is closer for me but am open to either class.