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Mentorship Program

One thing that I think the Randolph club could do that would GREATLY help newer beekeepers (like myself) is to have a dedicated mentor program established. Ideally newer members could be paired with a seasoned mentor who would commit to at least one joint hive inspection per season (two would be even better).

For me, learning from books and classes just does not compare to learning in my hive with a seasoned set of eyes by my side.

I’ll try to post a reply again. It’s disappeared twice.


The best way to get a mentor, is to come to the club meeting. Building those relationships helps build a good mentor mentee relationship  been very successful in pairing up people at club meetings.


If you cannot make the meetings, making a post like you did earlier where someone came out is an excellent way to get the help you need


If you have a way to set up a program, we’d love your input. I’ll bring it up at the next club meeting

Hey Mark,

Since joining I have attended probably 70+% of the meetings. Short of asking for a mentor there does not seem to be a pathway to getting one. Just my opinion - the association should take an active role in recruiting seasoned members who would be willing to commit up to 2 days/season for a physical visit and then either assigning a mentor to new beekeepers or at least making a list of seasoned members who are willing to act as a mentor. The best way to keep someone as a beekeeper is to make them successful. So far I have been lucky but may yet lose 1 of my two hives and it is probably due to not doing something an experienced person could have helped me identify early on.

Maybe asking is the way to go. I have not turned a person down in the 15 years or so I have been in the club. From High Point to Jackson Springs, to Seagrove, Siler city, to pleasant Garden. Greensboro to Reidsville. Anyone needing help can call me at 336-302-2708. I will come or find someone who can if I can't.

The best way to get a mentor is to ask for one.  Not everyone wants someone in their business.  Ask and you will receive.  Wally has offered.  I sent you a name of someone in addition earlier today.  Mention it at the club meeting and you will get several offer to help.

I am always willing to help . If I can lend a hand to anyone I’ll be glad to. If we can’t figure things out together we will call someone who can. 336-953-9026. If I don’t happen to answer leave me a message and I’ll call ya right back.