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Heat treatment for varoa control

How many of you would be interested in having your hives treated for varoa using a hive heater.  Everything I have read seems to indicate that it is a safe and effective way to treat for mites.  The challenges is that the devices are expensive.  I am thinking about purchasing the required equipment, generator and devices to offer this as a service.

Can you give any links to commercial beeks that are using it?

I don't think this process will ever be adopted by commercial beekeepers.  They don't have the time to spend 2 hours per hive treating the bees.  One of the club members is currently testing the process with his hive with good results.  For most members, the cost of the equipment and a generator to power it might be prohibitive.  My plan was to purchase multiple devices and a generator and offer this as a service.

The average treatment time is about 3 hours per hive, but in reviewing the research, it looks like it is highly effective for varroa and also kills hive beetles and wax moth larvae in the process.

I now have three of the heat treating units and I am offering to do this as a service for those that want to kill varroa without using chemicals in the hive.

I have the three units, and will also rent them individually or as a package with a generator for those that want to try it out.  I am also linking to a new research report on the treatment.