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Bloom Dates

I think most NC beekeepers have at least gotten wind of red maples blooming by now. I saw the following phenology site posted on several weeks ago. I've kept up with it since. It appears to be a good, reliable source for bloom dates. It takes a few click-throughs/selections to generate reports. The end schedules are pretty sweet though!

The main site is here:

The actual observational data is here:


I've been using the intensity observation reports with a query of tree flowers and/or pollen in NC and dates of the current year. If you would like to see a sample of the data in can produce, just shoot me an email (, and I'll send you what I can.

My bees in Sophia are still working dry pollen sub pretty hard.


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Red maples around Randleman area finally bloomed over the past couple days    Red maples around the Southern Guilford area blue lead Friday, February 16


Dead nettle all around Randolph County is now in full bloom

A camellia in my yard bloomed out this past weekend (pollen source). As Mark mentioned, red maple and dead nettle in full swing! I traveled to Mooresville, NC on Saturday, and there were lots of blooms a little further south! I saw several trees with white blooms. Passing at 60 mph, it was tough to tell, but I'm guessing wild bradford pears or cherries. I saw several ornamental peaches too.

Apple Trees are blooming here...blueberries have tons of buds!

Our holly is in full flowering mode...lots of flowers!

Our pecan trees are flowering...